This beautiful blouse is designed by Fei An, my dearest friend in the blogsphere, a mother of two lovely girls Anja and Anette. This series is about reflections of her childhood in China.
I resonate with her words:

" It's just fine to dress children simple and clean, and then their true personality can get the chance to shine. And there they are, where they are originally from." Naive Days.

She's sending her first creations with all warm thoughts to Iza. Iza is so honored to be the first few ones to try these on. Thanks Fei An!!!!
It's always happy to witness someone is working hard to realize her/his dream.

Paper necklaces from here.

There will be more.


Karumen said...

iza and the top, both so pretty!! i wish fei also makes that in adult size so i can get one myself :))

Evelyne said...

Le travail de Fei Ann est superbe et Iza le porte de si belle façon.

Fei An said...

Dearest Alliot, Thank you so much!!! I am deeply touched. You are the kindest woman in the world!
The blouse looks a bit big on Iza, so one size down might be fit to Iza next time. You post makes my day, and I am so honored to be mentioned by your post:)
I love that MIAO skirt, really match with the blouse, so chinese:)
Her eyes are so bright...

Fei An said...

Dear Karumen, you are such an angel, thanks for your support, I really appreciate it.

Thanks, dear Evelyne, your warm words. They make my day. Long way ahead, I will try my best!!!

Justine said...

"simple, clean" and beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

so pure... it's gorgeous!!

Heidi said...

It's soooooooooo beautiful. This makes me recall my mother who sewed various dresses to me in such simple and unique presentation when I was a little girl.

kenza said...

These are really amazing! lovely Iza is the perfect model for these beautiful creations by Fei An!

Yanyan said...

How pure and beautiful!

CdP said...

A real little angel!

Kickcan and Conkers said...

Iza looks gorgeous in this outfit. Well done Fei An, your shop is lovely :) I also think the paper necklace is out of this world!

Yoli said...

How exquisite!!! Fei An I look forward to seeing more from her! Iza looks positively angelic. The skirt I am totally in love with as you know.

just me said...

Gorgeous blouse! I love how you (or was it Iza?) put everything together...the skirt, the necklace as a halo... Iza looks very angelic.