We stayed here for the 4 days in Li Jiang.

In front of the room was a large piece of grass, a wide wide view and a hugh proportion of sky.
If we were lucky enough, everyday we could see the snow mountain just by opening the door.
When iza entered the place, the first thing she did ... was drawing ... as you may see ...
By the following days, she dropped her sketch pad ... because there were too many things to discover ...

The room and the garden

Common places of the hotel.



kenza said...

What an incredible place! and you have captured it beautifully --the sky, the colors, the feel, the humidity and the soft breeze... The orange of the dress and your lovely daughter make it all come together. Thank you.

Justine said...

This place is breathtaking and with the orange of Iza's dress it's even more beautiful!You are really an amazing photographer!!

Yoli said...

This place looks like paradise and I love her red dress. I want to go there.

Yanyan said...

I think that is the most beautiful hotel in Li Jiang. Iza in that red dress... like a little fairy tale

Christine said...

yes, an incredible place like a fairy tale, Iza so smart and so cute!

Géraldine said...

Lovely girl,lovely dress!

Fei An said...

Iza and Lijiang are amazingly beautiful under your lens.
I love that the first thing Iza did ... was drawing , she is such a wonderful kid.