This knot has interlaced two mothers together.

That day.
A parcel arrived our front door.
It carried all gentleness from Norway to HK.
Sweet Fei An has made iza these unique pieces stitch by stitch ...
When I put my fingers on the hand sew stitches,
I can imagine Fei An working with her needle under the warm Scandinavian light.
It reminds me in the old days, mama always made clothes for their children.
I adore those mothers who still do.
I will keep the precious pieces for iza's children,
wish these kind thoughts will pass from generation to generation ...

One day in September.
I received a surprise from my sweet friend.
A felt case ... hand made by lovely Fei An.
The matting of fibers has interwoven with all gentle thoughts.
Heartfelt thanks, my dear friend.
I know I must be blessed.


Justine said...

I saw the dress in her shop and fell in love with it.

kenza said...

Oh this is wonderful! Fei An is such a jewel isn't she?! This post is so full of love and kindness. Thank you for sharing this.

Evelyne said...

C'est un si beau cadeau.
Elle est une artiste tout comme toi.

Fei An said...

Dear Alliot, I am so honored. It should be "I" who am so blessed to have such a supportive friend like you. Thank you.

Justine, and Evelyne, thank you for your nice words, and I am so encouraged.

Dear Kenza, you are such an angel...