Apart from enjoying lovely family gatherings during this holiday season,
I have some quality quiet times with iza.
Also, manage to make the time for taking record of iza's drawings.
More drawings here.


kenza said...

and thanks for sharing them.

Yoli said...

Thank you for sharing them, I so enjoy them!

Yanyan said...

Incredible! Bravo bravo!

Fei An said...

I think all kids are kind of gifted. So, parents, here, is the key! Quality time and guild.
You have been doing a great job all the time, Alliot!

alliot / iza said...

Dear Fei An,
I just took the pictures and post them.
I've done nothing else.
It's not ME :)

Fei An said...

还是和妈妈有关系的。 Like mother, like daughter! Your guild and influence might or might not be so obvious, however, it is there! I believe so:)