To dear Fei An.



A taste of wine red.


Evelyne said...

J'aime beaucoup ta nouvelle présentation.
Beaucoup de maturité dans les expressions d'Iza.
Belle semaine.

Thilda said...

So beautiful! :) :)

Yoli said...


CdP said...

love love your pictures !

Amélie said...

Iza is a beauty ! She nearly looks like a young lady in some of the pictures...
I like how you catched her graceful moves dancing on ice.
and of course, I'm in love with Fei An's dress, her clothes are so special. She's a magician. How the deep ruby shades radiates a delicate shadow of pink on Iza's face !

Fei An said...

Oh, my dear Alliot and Iza,
this set of pictures really make my day. Iza is so beautiful in that dress and your photographing, speechless...

I like the "smell" 气息 that Iza brings out dressing in that robe. She looks much less "naive" but Anja does:)If I meet Iza in person, then I probably would say she is a "still 仍然是一个 7 years' girl". However, from this set of picture, there is absolutely something more than a "naive girl", 真得令人喜爱。 真想就这么看着她一直不停的长大。直到有一天她和安雅都不再喜欢穿老妈给她们挑选缝制的衣服:p),唉,真好。
dear alliot, 允许你可以再在博客上消失一阵儿,不过记得要回来啊。和你交流摄影,音乐,设计,还有孩子们的点点滴滴,真是让我感到心中特别欢喜的事情。
袍子有点大,不过这样臻可以至少穿两季:)Thanks for everything.

Fei An said...

The name of the " smell" is elegant and graceful:)I know the words now. Excuse me for my lacking of vocabulary for most of the time:)

alliot + iza said...

謝謝 dear Fei An!

是的,iza看起來成熟, 但她內裡仍然是一个7歲女孩。愛玩。不正經。神神化化。

這是我原想在下一個post後寫的 ...
也許她的長頭髮使她看起來優雅,但事實上她是一個頑皮 ... 氣粗粗的孩子, 她不僅不溫柔也不乖巧, 她絕對不是典型聽話溫文的孩子(she is not the well behaved or obedient child)。她倔強 ... 個性強烈。 但,她理性,聽理的。

她老是駕駛著scooter,橫衝直撞 ... 四處闖 ... 難以安坐 ... 如果她不是在動,就是在說 ... 也不就是在問 ... 還好,她仍然可以集中於對某些事情,我才可以有寧靜的時刻。

有時她真的很好玩,但有時她實在很可怕 ...

就像上週日,不知道是什麼引發她的情緒 (也許是我),她拒絕在小提琴課上拉琴。經過一番掙扎,她站到老師家裡的沙發上,然後背著老師面對窗口的拉 。

她刁鑽古怪 ... 靈牙利齒 ... 有點壞 ... 身上橫七竪八地滿是疤痕 ... 她爸爸說她絕對不公主 ... 也不黃蓉 ... 她像絕代雙驕的小魚兒 ... 就是討厭著喜歡她 ...

她有點兒野 (wild)。不知道未來她會否是有點兒火的人 ... 沒被馴了 ...


讓安雅安耐開個博客。讓他們記錄自己的東西 :)