In these three and a half years, every post marks the growing of us ... both iza and I. It also records the evolving of a personal journal to a precious little network linking a few mothers and children together.

When I went over all the posts again from the very first post last night ... so many memories recalled. I enjoyed seeing how a little girl has grown into a little lady ... and i missed her bob hair. I laughed at her funny talks and weird thoughts. I am surprised how many lovely trips we've made. I treasure every piece of her artworks from doodles to "fine" sketches. I relish our little collection of books and little treasures. I see, a little more clear picture, after the many struggles in the mist ... This little journal has documented how my eyes cannot stay away from my child and am almost forgotten who i am.

I thank this blogland for easing off my panic in browsing over tremendous archives saved in my computer (which are now quite impossible to dig into) ... and, i accustom to be selective and more organized through posting.

Though i'm overwhelmed by the massive archives ... i still need to do the back up. It's a far too important task in this digital era ... (i lost 3 months of archives last Nov). As i did, one single file caught me ... it was there before iza was born. The images contained in the folder were scanned from positive films ... the days before we adopted digital cameras. It was a trip to Belgium, Amsterdam and Rotterdam in Jan 2001. Iza was not there ... i found my eyes are excited again by the architectures, structures, forms, lines, lights ... i am desperate for a pure architecture trip ... touring around the buildings of Le Corbusier ( i want to go Ronchamp again, and more ), Alvaro Siza, Carlo Scarpa, Santiago Calatrava, Tadao Ando, Kazuyo Sejima ...


Yoli said...

Beautiful images. I see your are nostalgic for the past my friend.

sonoko said...

This post is as if a beautiful and memorable movie.I feel I can hear your gentle narration.
Is that beautiful lady you?
I thougt that lady was Iza until I read your writing.
I love Iza's long hair and also bob hair.

Thilda said...

Amszing and very interesting places! Beautiful really.

kenza said...

These images are beautiful.
I have to say I am so happy you are sharing your little moments of life and sweet Iza with us! Thank you!
You make the world richer, brighter, happier and all with simple beauty.

Fei An said...

Dear Alliot, Although I think I am kind of knowing "who you are", in the meanwhile, all these images brighten my eyes. I think of year 2001, where you had been, and where I was. It may sounds strange. The truth is I wish to know more of you. The thing you like, the place you traveled, the years you were younger and the years you will be elder. Sorry to say, I am this kind of person,if I like somebody, and I wanna know more about her. I had written to Kenza before and asked if I can get some pictures of her to see how she looks like :p)
Have a nice weekend!

Yanyan said...

Those are lovely memories dear Alliot. Thank you for sharing with us. 2001, I was in Finland, second year after I moved back (first time in 96). Think the time before kids arrive, a bit nostalgic and even surreal. Lovely Iza has sure grown into a fine little lady, first time I read your blog, she still has the bob hairstyle, now so long and so much!

Thilda said...

How are you now? I have seen news for hours now and very sad about tsunami there! Hope you are ok!

alliot + iza said...

Thanks dear Thilda!
We are all fine here in HK.
May people who suffered from the earthquake and tsunami stay with hope.

alliot + iza said...

Dear sonoko,
i appeared in the 2nd and 14th :)

alliot + iza said...

Yanyan, I also feel this set of images surrealistic.
It was a different me. I wish to be HER and do things without a second thought ... no serious planning ... not much worries ... :)

Fei An, I also want to know HER more :) I almost forget how she looked ... It's a bit regret that most of the youth pictures were in films / slides ... a hugh effort is needed to select and scan those images ...

Iza will turn 8 next month. Time flew in an unbelievable speed ... iza has grown " two" years in the past 6 months ... she looks like 10-12 years old kid now!!!
I feel the urge to keep a more keen documentation.
I'm afraid that she will suddenly turn into a teenager without a warning!

Amélie said...

What a beautiful set of images. You're such a talented photographer.
I'm happy to discover your face on pict 14th and somehow recognise Iza's face on yours.
At the beggining of 2001, I was in Switzerland for a feaw months, living in the most beautiful white house I'll certainly ever live in, and which has now been destroyed (I may prepare a post about this house, if I ever find the pictures I took at the time). It was very close to my favorite building by Le Corbusier, the small house he built for his mother, facing the lake, that is just a marvel of beauty and simplicity.

Evelyne said...

Après les images du tsunami au Japon et les vies brisées.
To billet d'aujourd'hui m'évoque aussi des souvenirs dans les m^mes villes (sauf Rotterdam, que je ne connais pas).
On a toujours envie de visiter l'intérieur de ces maisons.
Tes photos montrent ta grande sensibilité et une certaine mélancolie, à l'image des villes flamandes.