Sports day and swim gala are your favorite events in a school year.
Last year, I haven't put them down. This year, I try to do a little record.

(A shot during freestyle contest)

It was surreal to watch you standing on platform to receive your medals. I still remember how astonished I was when I received a call telling me that you were "selected" for a special swimming program in 2009 spring. We (parents and children) didn't know there was such a program. Yan, a coach you had never met before, had been staying by pool side for days to screen children of 5-6 years old. We did not know how a girl who could hardly coordinate her body and limbs was shortlisted with the other 3 children. It was a total mystery. During the training, Coach Yan told me that you had a feel with the backstroke style. Feel. Such a magic word. When I sat by the pool side to watch you all practicing, I learnt to watch water patterns created by the children. When one is in rhythm with water, you can see beautiful streamlines of water current around the body and whirling of water under the surface ... Swim is about in tune with water, how beautiful. After Coach Yan left the team and went back to Beijing for study, we also quitted the training after the summer 2009, just staying in regular class till now. But her words are still whirling in my head, like a spell.

At this year's swim gala, you break the school record of 50M backstroke (junior girl). Last year, you have broken the record of 25M backstroke (junior girl). We shouldn't be too serious about the records because your school does not have a strong swim history. But, obviously, backstroke is your strongest style among the four styles. I recall, the magical words: "you had a feel with backstroke".

Remember the days you four young kids trained with the older kids, you were always the one who left far behind?
Remember the days of strong sunshine, the pool was like boiling?
Remember the days of heavy rains, the coach didn't get her umbrella ... she was as wet as you all?
Remember the days when there was typhoon signal no.3, the wind roared so hard?
Remember you said that she was not fierce, she just had a loud voice?
I missed your smile without front teeth.
All are surreal.

1,2.....Mar 2, 2011
3,4.....Mar, 2009 The first day of training
4,5.....Aug, 2009


I am so honored to be on the list of Stylish Blogger Award presented by Linen and Milk. I am so touched! Thank you!!!!

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Yanyan said...

Oh dear Iza! Not only mummy is proud, 颜颜阿姨 is also so proud of you! I laugh about the comments about your coach's loud voice, sweet little Iza. Congratulations on the new records! 'Hooray' like Landon would say!

Fei An said...

I am happy that you got the parcel, dear Alliot!

Will come back and write more comments later.

Have a nice weekend.

Dominique K said...

je trouve ce choix très juste. votre blog est précieux et je le découvre jour après jour bien que je ne comprenne l'anglais que via le translator ou presque.

kenza said...

Wonderful Iza! Such a jewel.
And congratulations on the award! You really deserve it and more.

Amélie said...

Fascinating post. The photos of course, I'm really amazed by the lines, the colours. Very thoughful and profound too. Your words accompanied me all day. Love the expresion "in tune with water", beautiful indeed ... and the "feel". Thank you dear Alliot. And congratulation. I think you deserve every blog award that may exist on the internet !

Evelyne said...

Isa a tellement de qualités.
Bravo et bon dimanche.

Yoli said...

I don't know what to say over this disarmingly beautiful post. What a tribute to the love you have for Iza and how beautiful you melded words and images.

Fei An said...

Dear Alliot,

I have been busy these few days... have read your reply from the previous post. Thank you! I will remember your words.

I am so touched by these two posts-"Swim Gala" and "Sport Day". I can feel your emotions and your pride to "Jewel" Iza. Oh yes, she is such a jewel. And your recording, Iza would know that nothing can be more precious than Mum's pictures and words, recording all these precious moment when she was little.

The pictures from these two posts, make me think of the photography works of Menno Aden:) I fancy the lines.


Fei An said...


Nicolas Briffod as well:)

alliot + iza said...

Thanks for the wonderful links dear Fei An.