X 2

7Y11M ...

4Y ...

16Y ?

See how she attended a class ... she is still my 8Y iza.

When you become a mother, your life doubles.
When you become a mother, your heart divided.
When you become a mother, your time flew in a dual speed.
When you become a mother, your unimagined fears duplicate.
When you become a mother, your new depths of compassion pleat.



Amélie said...

How much I share this X2 feelings !
Iza's violin class just made me laugh. I've had violin practice with Elsa minutes ago, and it was so like that ! I was feeling a bit depressed and exhausted. You post brought relief and tenderness in my heart.

Yanyan said...

I love what you said there, how children has changed our life and ourselves. Iza might looks older but she is still indeed a 8 year old sweet kid. I smiled when I saw her pictures in the violin class. How wonderful it is to be a child. Hugs to both. Yanyan btw, thanks for the link of the paper art, it is incredibly beautiful!

Yoli said...

Your words touch my soul. It is true when we become parents everything is multiplied, joys and sorrows. I would not change it for the world.

Iza is so graceful, so beautiful.

kenza said...

Oh she will always be your little one! Yes, your words also touched me very much. Thank you.

Jeanne-ming said...

My favorite is that last photo....the TOTAL ahhghhhgh, "I am so tired of practice" flop. Every mother recognizes this!

You are right about the doubling. Your heart becomes so raw because it hangs on the outside of your body like a necklace.

bicocacolors said...

I totally agree!
I love the picture 16Y!
you have a really pretty girl and very photogenic!
greetings from Spain

Fei An said...

呵呵, 臻的长头发....。已经看到一个"小文艺女青年的影子了"。
Really like her dress in black, so special!