BEIJING 2010.7

After 8 months.
Editing of the rest of Beijing trip 2010 is eventually finished.
Part I ( comprised of six posts ) was completed last August. Part II, there will be seven little posts.
It costed me extra efforts in organizing the pictures ... because it was such a compact school study trip ...
Here's the afternoon in the National Stadium.



CdP said...

Beautiful pictures ...Always !

Yanyan said...

So nice pictures, all of them, the red chairs one is my favorite. I will be very sad if one day you decide to end this journal, so much beauty and love here.

Fei An said...

I should do a visit inside as well this summer:)

Amélie said...

Fascinating pictures of the 鸟巢. Love the one with the girls' shadows, the red earth and green horizontals, so like 皮影戏.

**EYE-SNACKS** said...

Yes, i agree fascinating pictures.I love to visit your blog.
So i'm going to follow you :)

Yoli said...

Lovely!!!! Your images are a joy to behold.