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The interior of cells under iza's camera ...




Yanyan said...

I am captivated by this set of photos, 仿佛闻到域多利監獄里空气中弥漫的潮湿,those events in deTour HK are all so interesting. Only been to HK once for business, never had a chance to see this side of HK, wish could see it in the future

Fei An said...

It is a interesting place to take pictures.

I like the toilet picture which Iza took, so cool:)

The last one, was there an exhibition? And a tricycle in the picture? Designed by the prisoner? Completely mysterious to me!:)

kenza said...

Very moving pictures.

alliot + iza said...

Dear Fei an,
No, the artworks are not created by the prisoners :) But I don't know how the artists/designers think about and perceive themselves ... :)
The deTour is an annual design event. Last year's venue was the Victoria prison which is now a declared monument.
It's the second time we've been to deTour. The first time was 2009, the venue was Former Police Married Quarters. And, there are four related posts on deTour 2009. If you are interested, you may have a look here :

Happy Together said...

好喜歡Iza著住的這套衫. 特別是那件外套和鞋子, 其實淡緣色上衣都好喜歡:)

Yoli said...

Excellent shots.

Amélie said...

Such amazing photos. A very moving post - the old prison carrying so many memories. Fascinating place. I'm very touched by Iza in the 12th.
I agree with Yanyan's comment in your Chendu post, you definitely should make a book of your photos!

Evelyne said...

Ce n'est pas mon endroit préféré !

Fei An said...

Dear Alliot,

我这次看了The deTour 2010 at Victoria Prison的链接了。也看了2009 deTour 你拍的片子。这下明白了。呵呵。



nath said...

how funny that we been a very similar prison recently... same colors, same sense of bareness but also intensity...