Top from the Jasmine Bloom series of Naive Days.

Have a wonderful journey dear Fei An !



Yoli said...

Oh such beautiful images!!! Look at her go!!! She is wonderful in skates! I love that top, everything she does is infused with so much thought and elegance.

Amélie said...

How beautiful! Another favourite post ! Love the 1st, the 2nd, the 3rd, 4th, 5th...love them all. Love the shadows and the jasmine. Iza is superb in Fei An's black top. And what a bright smile ! Thank you for sharing her joy of skating.

Evelyne said...

Charmant !

Yanyan said...

I am glad you got this post back. One word, fabulous, the pictures, the girl and the dress! Have a great weekend!

Line+Liv said...

... your pictures let me shine ... wishes for a lovely weekend from Wiebke

Fei An said...

So nice I can see this one and Venice Post of today!!!

Fabulous!!! My favorite thing to do when I was at age of Iza is to go skating and swimming. And I enjoy so much to see Iza and and my girls having fun on the ice. It is a pity that we usually do skating outdoor in Norway and can not dress the girls as beautiful as you do to Iza:)
Maybe we will try indoor skating in Beijing this time. It must be fun!!!
Iza is so cool and beautiful in black and white, I have to say it again! You always make the best choice of the piece for her:)

Thank you for everything, dear Alliot!