VENICE 2011.3

The Partigiana. Sculpture by Augusto Murer. Setting by Carlo Scarpa.

The Tolentini. Located near Piazzale Roma and was designed by Vincenzo Scamozzi in the sixteenth century and restored by Daniele Calabi in the early 1960’s. In 1985 the entrance way, was transformed according to the project by Carlo Scarpa.



Amélie said...

Such stunning pictures. I admire how you play with lines, shadows and colours. You're a rare photographer. And so amazing places. Thank you for this journey in Venice in compagny of the graceful Iza.

sonoko said...

As Amelie said,I really think your photos are absolutely stunning.
The red wall,white dress,black hair,yellow shoes,all of them are so beautiful,and I am fascinated with a magic of colors.

nath said...

a blend of old and new that works quite well. I think probably the raw textures of it binds all together

Evelyne said...

Chère Aliott, tu nous fais découvrir une Venise très différente de celle que nous voyons d'habitude.
Un grand merci.

Fei An said...

This is just perfect... the light, the color, the lines, the architect, the Sculpture the place...and of course, your beautiful Iza and the way you dress her.... OMG, her long hair, so pretty!!! You are a master, dear Alliot!

Yanyan said...

oh, so beautiful. Alliot, the sceneries and moments under your lens is so different from anybody else's. 总是不一样的Venice, 不一样的丽江,不一样的北京...I would buy a travel book written and photographed by you, will be unlike anything out there! Iza looks stunning. A big girl now.

Road trip in Finland said...

Beautifull feelings!
And nice "citronyellow shoes":)
I must have those too! From where?
Kind regards,m.


alliot + iza said...

Hi m,

The shoes are from Lilli Bulle.
Iza told me that they are soft and comfortable :)