VENICE 2011.1

" ,看到。"

" When you draw, you will see more and more (details). "
Iza said when she drew the first picture.



The first time iza did sketches on an architecture. These were also the only sketches we had during the trip ( a pity that we did not sit down for more drawings ). Even without guidance, she drew quite well indeed. Better than ours. More energy and "life" in her drawings.

It's the room with a view. The graceful Santa Maria della Salute was just in front of our window.

1,2 ...by iza
3,2 ...by mama alliot
4,2 ...by papa ziggy



Amélie said...

Oooh, love your drawings and paintings, all of them ! Iza's, yours, and papa Ziggy's. Amazing.
When I'm painting with Elsa, I always have the same feeling. Her artwork's filled with much more life and energy.
Your room in Venice looks great... hope to see a bit more of it.
And, of course, Iza is beautiful in the black version of Fei An's dress

Evelyne said...

Tatiana aussi était à Venise en janvier...vous vous êtes peut-être croisées!!!

Yanyan said...

What an artistic family, love all the painting. Iza looks beautiful in Fei An's dress

Happy Together said...

You whole family have talent in different styles.

Fei An said...

哇,看到臻的最后一张照片,真是一扫着几日来我心中的伤感,一下子就开心起来. She is so cool, so beautiful in "my black embroidery robe" in Venice... So worthy it of all my struggling... Thanks again, dear Iza and Alliot!

That is so true that the kids' artworks are full of life and energy. Especially Iza, she is definitely has a gift there!
Of course, I love your and Pappa Ziggy's drawing and painting! Admiring your family, and especially Iza! Traveling around the world at such a young age ...

We are leaving for Beijing next Sunday, one week to go. I will mostly stay in Beijing and maybe I will take trips to 内蒙,鞍山,和新加坡.行程还没有订. 到时候我会在我的网页上去更新一些博文.blogspot在中国是被屏蔽的.希望能见到你或者颜颜. 这次见不到也没关系,我们以后会有很多很多的机会.希望在我走之前能看到一些你们这次旅程拍的片子, 很期待.

winterludes said...

j'aime beaucoup la dynamique des dessins d'iza.

sonoko said...

Of course,I admire and love all of drawings and paintings.
I am happy to touch your family's wonderful trip.
I am sure everyone loves to look at Iza drawing.
I smiled when I saw Iza in Fei An's black dress.

PUN Hok Kan said...

臻臻, 呀Sir讚你的寫生很好

nath said...

what a great idea to sit and soak it all in with a drawing...

Yoli said...

She is so talented! I love the drawings and the photographs! I am glad you are having such a wonderful time.