July has sneaked in.
We are already half way through 2011.
But I'm still with the colors of June ...
Recalling the time when they were still green ...

I'd seen these trees everyday.
Till this time I saw them differently.
That day.
A white flower with thick petals came into our sight as we walked to the school bus station.
We didn't know what it was.
The secret revealed up to the time we saw a baby lemon ...

We has started an expedition on rediscovery of wonders around our place since early June.
To find fruit bearing trees within our small village ...

Papaya 木瓜

Wampee 黃皮

Pomegranate 石榴

Flowers of Starfruit 楊桃

Banana 蕉

Pomelo 沙田柚

Lychee 荔枝

Lemon 檸檬

Tangerine 桔

Mango 芒果

Jackfruit 大樹菠蘿

Longan 龍眼

And, we found this abandoned skin of Cicada clinging to a leaf ...

Some unknown species ...

This one looks like guava but it has a big round seed ...

We found :
10,00......Papaya 木瓜
20,00......Wampee 黃皮
30,00......Pomegranate 石榴
40,00......Starfruit 楊桃
50,00......Banana 蕉
60,00......Pomelo 沙田柚
70,00......Lychee 荔枝
80,00......Lemon 檸檬
90,00......Tangerine 桔
10,00......Mango 芒果
11,00......Jackfruit 大樹菠蘿
12,00......Longan 龍眼
13,14......Two unknown species

And some trees, like :
persimmon 柿子,
green apple guava 番石榴,
wax apple 蓮霧,
ginsengfruit 人參果
had disappeared ...
(They did once exist around the place we live ... )

Always, in my perception, Hong Kong is a monotonous concrete city ...
Just don't realize that there is quite a diversity even within such a tiny village!



Yanyan said...

They are deliciously beautiful. You know I love your pictures and Iza. 今天心情有点糟,真好看到了这篇博文,帮我把思绪带到你镜头下的6月,谢谢。

Evelyne said...

Les arbres fruitiers nous font vivre de belles métamorphoses.
Ton village recèle un magnifique potager...mais la plus belle métamorphose reste celle d'Iza.
Biz. Evelyne

alexandra said...

Wonderfull! A very nice travel through your village!

Happy Together said...


前幾天, 他放工遇到有位台灣來的男子問路. 那台灣人問熊正在去那裡. 熊說去亞洲小店買芒果, 很甜的. 台灣男子說我們台灣有種芒果細小如一粒雞蛋, 味道是他吃過最好的芒果. 之後這幾天熊就在說著台南, 又說可能台灣是個好地方住下來. 就是因為好味的芒果, 還有大自然.

你說著的"small village" 在那裡的? 回香港要去看看充滿水果的小村. 熊一定喜歡的.

Amélie said...

Wonderful photos. Your light and colors of June are so special, so precious and peaceful atmosphere. Iza is just beautiful. That's another post I'll like to visit again and again...

kenza said...

Precious... so inspiring. Thank you. (Iza's concentration... amazing!)

lightbluegrey said...

smashed by the beauty of your pics, haven't been here too long...

Teri D. said...

your photos have my mouth watering!!! i need to travel to Asia or Southeast Asia just to eat tropical fruit like chico, jackfruit and even durian! yum.

winterludes said...

tu vis au coeur de la beauté.

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Beautiful, lush images, Alliot! And I just can't get over how beautiful Iza is becoming as she turns into a young lady. She has such grace.

Bohème Circus said...

I like this walk which you offers us, it is a beautiful journey that to look with fresh eyes the world which surrounds us to the everyday life.

sheungyee said...

I guess we live in the same neighbourhood because I see similar trees too:) I'm very happy recently on my way to work. These surprises hanging up in the trees have lighten up my days and given me surprises.

Besides admiring how they look, I want to taste them too :p

alliot + iza said...

Yes! I believe we live in the same district.
Maybe we've met before :)