Iza had left her kindergarten for more than two years. Precious that we can still stay in contact with her kindergarten teachers (class teacher from k1-k3 and her first piano teacher). Today, we have a nice afternoon with them, all four of them. They are so kind and full of understandings. So fortunate that iza has come into encounter with them. I wish them a fulfilling life and continue to devote themselves to ignite lives of other children :)

Before summer holiday ended, we visited an exhibition of Albert Einstein, to have a peep into one of humanity's greatest minds.
Iza dropped down a quote by Einstein after the visit :

" The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking.


Albert Einstein

Remember this when she last took a picture "with" of Mr. Einstein?

May you all have a serene night with your beloved family in the silvery moon light.
Happy mid autumn festival !



Evelyne said...

Bonne rentrée à toi aussi.
J'ai reconnu un jeu de briques allemand qui a eu beaucoup de succès chez nous quand les filles étaient petites.

Happy Together said...

Happy moon cake day:)

熊昨晚問星期一是不是moon cake day:D

Fei An said...

Happy mid autumn festival !

I am really happy today because you have a new post.

Science is such a wonderful thing. We also visited Science Museum in Beijing. A nice visit!

Thanks for your message, dear Alliot! Your understanding and encouraging words means a lot to me.

Wish you are happy and see more posts of Iza.

Yanyan said...

Happy mid autumn festival! I miss you and Iza and so happy to see your new post. How wonderful to have good teachers for our children. Landon is very attached to one of his teachers. I am so grateful to her. Iza looks so sweet in her birthday post. Tuesday is Nea's one year birthday, kids grows too fast...Much love to you all!

kenza said...

Happy mid-Autumn festival!
This is a marvelous post. So thoughtful, beautiful... thank you (and thank you for your kind words - I am really touched and humbled).
Iza is precious!

Christy said...

I really love the first photo. So magical!

有力 said...

Happy Moon Festival, we celebrate as well. I love your images.

Amélie said...

Dear Alliot,
I'm so happy you and Iza are back. With a new great post, about science, about life, with those precious links to a younger little Iza. The photo of Iza and stars is just magic... can't take my eyes away.
Have a very nice autumn festival !

Misha Lulu said...

I love this post!
thank you again for beautiful images!

Thilda said...

So nice to see you here again! Very lovely photos! :)

CdP said...

La fête de la lune , quel raffinement !