Come across these delicate designs and artworks. They seem to be in parallel in some way.

3....... Pip-squeak chapeau etc (from last season)
4,5.... Gustav Reyes
6,9.... ANVE
7,8.... Kicokids
10..... Le grenier
11..... Tony Orrico

Tony Orrico - artist, dancer, human spirograph - has transformed the human body at once into a precision instrument and a delicate paintbrush of the abstract. He interweaves art and mathematics with delicious precision. Beautiful rhythmic movement and sounds. Source via Brain Pickings.



Fei An said...

Dear Alliot, thank you for all these links. I am greatly inspired, motivated and encouraged. Thank you and thank you!

kenza said...

Oh magnificent! Yes things from "Le Grenier" are wonderful!

Yanyan said...

You have AMAZING taste alliot and I love to see you share these with us. Everything single piece is very you and incredibly chic and sophisticated. I bookmarked all of them! Thank you dear.

Amélie said...

Oh yes, thank you for all these links. Many I didn't know. Wonderful.

tiel said...

i love those shoes in #10.