The home of book lovers : The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr.Morris Lessmore (click to view movie)
The art of Mathematics : Inspirations (click to view movie)
The childhood innocence : The Prize 
by Paula Markowitch

...  “What is a pessimist?” Cecilia asks her mother after she glimpses a telegram that contains precious little information about her missing Dad. Markowitch discloses information very slowly as the mother and child go about trying to survive by the ocean in a rundown cabin that lets in the fierce winds and torrential rain ...


kenza said...

Absolutely stunning!
Love the chocolate touch!

kitchu said...


Amélie said...

Thank you dear Alliot for sharing these marvels. I love these two animation movies, the fantastic flying books and the mathematics (I've always loved mathematics). "The prize" seems fascinating. Hope I'll have the chance to see it..
I love Iza's hat too.

Thilda said...

Oh, so lovely again! :)

Yoli said...

Oh she enchants in all those hats! I love that crown, our Sally is always playing with hers. Thank you for sharing those movies!

Iza grows more beautiful every day. Hope you are doing well dear Alliot.

Yanyan said...

Thanks for sharing this.Absolutely stunning.I can't believe I missed this post. :)