An intrigue piece of architecture.
A chanting of air.
A humming of light.
I tried hard to recall every details and found myself missed so many of them.
I started to miss it when I was just leaving it.
It's the place, I wished we three could be there together once in a lifetime.






valokuvan TAKANA said...

Beautiful photos and place!

Evelyne said...

Tu étais en France ?
Magnifique chapelle Le Corbusier. Merci pour ces si belles photos.

Amélie said...

dear Alliot, what a gorgeous present. Each of these images is a marvel. I look and look again... and will look again in the coming days. Thank you for this moment of pure beauty.

CdP said...

Oh !! Your pictures as lights in the winter !

Yoli said...

These are the most breath taking images I have seen in a long time. Wow, outstanding work. Iza as usual luminous and beautiful. I have missed you.

kitchu said...

WOW. I mean... WOW.

Justine said...

We've missed you!!! How are you? Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures :-)

Cristina said...

Superbe interpretation de la lumiere de ce lieu parfait, merci!

Thilda said...

What a mysterious place!!

anne said...

Your Pictures are amazing Alliot, Ronchamp is a place that is really not easy to catch...Nice to see you came for a little visit. Merry xmas...Nouschine

Yanyan said...

Beautiful pictures and gorgeous Iza (she is a big girl now) I have missed you. Thank you for staying... much love.

nath said...

absolutely beautiful picture!!!