Joy freed from the bond of earth's slumber
rushes into numberless leaves
and dances in the air for a day.
Rabindranath Tagore

Happy birthday to the sweet April child iza!

The artwork was inspired by Jessica Kerbawy's crayon art and 
was done in the summer of 2012 by iza ... 
It seems a nice match with Marie et Rose-Alice's robe Floria. 



ThimbleLady said...

happy birthday Iza!
amazing colorful picture

Amélie said...

Happy birthday dear and beautiful Iza! Joy dances indeed in the air and in her bright smile.
This is a very inspiring post dear Alliot. I am amazed by the artwork (and very curious about these melting crayons. So colourful and perfect with the flowers.
I love when you're back here!

Justine said...

Happy Birthday sweet Iza. The photos are beautiful, as always, and I love the Marie and Rose Alice dress, as always :-)

alliot + iza said...

Thanks dear ThimbleLady, so nice to meet you here again :)

alliot + iza said...

Thanks dear Amelie! It's lovely to be back :) To melt the crayons, we just used a hair dryer. Within a minute, the crayons will melt and start mixing together. We tried the round shape to see how the crayons mixing as rotating the canvas. It's really fun!

alliot + iza said...

Thanks dear Justine for your kind words! Miss you and your lovely girls :)

Cristina said...

WOW that beautiful colors in these photos! Happy Birthday Iza!

Yanyan said...

Happy birthday Iza! So happy to see your new post. I have been away for too long. Miss you all!

Suzy Mae said...

What a lovely piece of art. I love that idea! Hope your daughter had a lovely day.