Shangri-La 6

Iza is back in shape.
However, some of the children are still sick.
Really hope to see them soon.


We have a day trip to Lijiang - an preserved old city.
It is overpraised.
Now it's just a cluster of shops...


Loulou's mum said...

I am so glad to read that Iza is well now. And what a bird on the last picture ! Iza doesn't seem to be afraid for one bit. Very joyfull pictures. I loved to read on your tibetan trip. What luck ! This is one place on earth where I long to be (and Tasmania in Australia). Maybe one day ;)

alliot said...

How's loulou?
By the end of last year, we've sent a little gift to loulou.
It's a book.
Don't know she has got it or not?

Loulou's mum said...

Oh my ! .... NO, we didn't get the book. Ohhhh ... I am so sorry to hear that :(
Sadly, we had an other parcel missing coming from England at Christmas time. We never were able to trace it even if it was recorded.
Loulou is fine, on holidays in La Rochelle by the seaside for two weeks with her grand-parents. I have no time to post but hope to do so next week-end and rewrite some older posts in english.

alliot said...

Is Loulou's granny already 100Y?
So blessed!
I love to send loulou another book.
Could you please send me your mailing address thru email? Because I'm afraid I write a wrong address...
This time I will try a courier service that we can track the record!