Shangri-La 5

Iza is sick today.
She's infected with an Enterovirus. Quite a number of chidren in her class have a similar symptom - repeated vomiting...
Hope that they are all fine and will come back to school very soon!!!!


Below was a documentary of an afternoon in Shangri-La with her beloved food - muffin.


isoinpapu said...

I am enjoying your beautiful blog. Everything looks so magically beautiful. I´m in awe.

I hope your little Iza will feel better soon, as well as her class mates.

One of my children (a girl, 17 years) is called Isa. I guess it´s pronounced the same way as Iza.

alliot said...

Thanks for your compliments.
Iza is fine now!
iza shall be pronounced as isa :)