Just don't want to leave the weekend with a blue mood...

Sharing Something Beautiful
A parcel I received this morning from Clothkits - cut and sew clothing kits with beautiful screen print fabrics.


I love iza's new hair cut.


Loulou's mum said...

Woawww, these kits seem wonderful. Do you sew any of Iza's clothes ? I think you dress her beautifuly. I am going to have a look right now. Thanks for the link.
(and say to Iza she looks nice with her new hair cut).

feian said...

Dear Alliot, Iza is such a beautiful and smart girl. I adore her so much. Don't give her to much pressure while I understand your expectations to her. I am a mainland chinese and living now in Norway. My big girl is almost the same age as Iza, however, the only thing she can is PLAY. I had been living in Singapore for year and understand parents in Asia really have high expectations to their children. However, people in North europe are quite relaxed with things which children need to learn or to do. What matters to children is to have fun and being happy. You are doing a good job as a mom to Iza. Need to learn a lot from you. Just relax a little bit some time:)

alliot said...

Iza would love to thank loulou's mum for your compliments.
And, I haven't start sewing yet :)
Hope to start soon...
Thanks feian for your words.
I've visited your site. Your girls are beautiful!!