These were taken this January in Victoria Park after attending a drawing event.
It was a bad day!
At that moment, my tolerance on her had gone thin ... I couldn't say she's naughty or bad ... just our wills went in opposite directions ... her every word and act irritated me ... I was mad partially because she was not sincere in performing her best in the drawing event ... and she just didn't understand I have put down all my work to bring her there ... I even shamed her and deprived her dignity... after a serious blame, I didn't talk to her and looked at her ... I sat still for 2 hours and she just didn't know what to do ... she was silent ...
After a long cold empty silence, everything seemed to calm down.
Looking at the photos, I felt so sorry for her. She's just a 5 year old kid.
After this incidence, I knew I need to regain patience.
That's how it led to a hideaway trip in Shangri-La.
These recorded how I put my little darling into anxiety...

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