More on the Red Capital Ranch.

A little surprise. One day, 2 horses just appeared in front of our room. They wandered freely in the hotel premises, as free as they could be.


Anonymous said...

great colors, great set!

Jeanne-ming said...

beautiful stunning photos. I love how you group them. A surprize indeed! Wow...Iza must have loved that. The only time you get to see horses in HK is at the Jockey Club. Ai yo.

Yoli said...

Beautiful collage and I agree with Jeanne, it must have surprise and enchanted Iza.

Piia said...

I like you beautiful photos!

alliot said...

Yes, it's such an enchanting experience.
iza loved to go into the orchard looking for the horses. As it can be seen from the third photo, the orchard is still in her wild nature ... seeing iza wandering between the trees quietly chasing after her "unicorns", we were just in a dream.

feian said...

The wild and raw great nature!!!

Evelyne said...

Camille love horses.Me too!A great experience for Iza.

beatrice De said...

Something different !

Monday, I fly to Japan for the second time. Love it.
Looking forthworth ( ? )

Béatrice de Lausanne en Suisse.

ZEJ said...

Beautiful!! It's so different there in China than here in Finland! I would like to get there some day :)