Restaurant and bar in Red Capital Ranch.

The room.


The Wanderers' Daughter said...

OOh, very Colorful! I love the variations on your theme.
And I think I understand what you were saying about Iza and Q...I think they are both girls who can "hold their own" in front of a camera. It is a bit of a rare thing, since so many people (children and adults) are made different or self-conscious by the presence of the lens. There is a strength to remaining who you are, no matter who is watching, which is admirable.

Anonymous said...

nice place! love these colors, and the stone wall

Yoli said...

This place is stunning. I love the stone and the colors against it. I love how you frame each shot.

feian said...


feian said...


Jeanne-ming said...

I am determined to visit this ranch. Incredible. It just keeps getting better!

Also...Q and Iza---indeed! I too see the same strong independant spirit. And I am drawn to both of your blogs for the same reason...I love to see Q and Iza as they discover the world. Both these girls give me hope for the future of our world and for all women.

WE will adjust to them.

alliot said...

Feian ... if you are talking about iza (as my project/product) ... yes!! For hotel Red Capital Ranch ... no :)

alliot said...

Maia & Jeanne-Ming,
Strong independant spirit are nice words!!