from jan to dec


The examinations are over ...
Thanks to Kenza, Evelyne, Yoli, Fei An, Maia, Jeanne-Ming, Claude, yanyan ... you are the most wonderful women I've met. In reviewing the year 2009, I'm so glad to come into encounter with all of you.



Dorota Ambicka-Ekiert said...


caramelcaramelo said...

oh! so lovely! and i am really touched by your kind words. the feeling from here is the same. thank you, you and izakoo brighten my days! kenza.

Yoli said...

Likewise sweet friend! Oh how Iza glows in those images!

Evelyne said...

Au fil des mois j'ai appris à te connaître un peu et doucement un lien est né, espérons qu'il dure encore de nombreuses années.
Iza illumine le monde de son si beau sourire.
Je vous embrasse.

Yanyan said...

I remembers all the images. You don't know how special your blog has been to me. I was a new mum, afraid and tired, left a long time job, first time moved to a suburb, completely a new world, a new life, very disconnected from the past I know. And then I found your blog, see beautiful Iza grows and all the amazing images, touching thoughts you posted there, it brought me beauty and peace. I need to thank you! Really.

Fei An said...

A beautiful 2009 for Iza!
A beautiful 2009 for the ladies gathered around here at your blog.
Alloit and Iza, carry on with your great inspiration in 2010!


Jeanne-ming said...

I learn from you! The increidble eye you have for looking at your your world. You inspire me dear friend.

nath said...

beautiful recap. Glad the exams are over

Loulou's mum said...

How I wish I was a bit more present here. But still I am paying a visit from time to time and you still inspire me a lot.
I wish you and your dear ones a wonderful new year with big and small adventures.
With my warmest regards Brigitte