Though she played some wrong notes, she did play beautifully for her very first time on the stage.
She fell into deep sleep after all.


Karumen said...

Congrats on a great performance! :)

Yanyan said...

So sweet face! First onstage performance! Well done!

Fei An said...

Well done, Iza!!! Just play the way you like to:) I support you!!!

Jeanne-ming said...

ahhhh haaaa. good job

Loulou's mum said...

Iza's words made me smile (they really are not "nasty" just 6 y old sentences to my ears ;)
Was she happy at how she performed, did she enjoyed it ? We are considering music as an activity for Loulou next september but feel a bit lost. Solfege lesseons start at 6 here but you can play some instruments like piano at 4 or 5. So we wonder if it would be better to start solfege first at 6 then play an instrument even if it must be very frustrating. How did it go for Iza ? Is she stille interested in stamps as I have collected quiet a few over the past months ?

Evelyne said...

She is like a star.

itsoh said...


Justine said...


alliot said...

Dear loulou's mum,
I think if loulou wants to, she could start playing piano first,
OR playing an instrument and learning music theory simultaneously.
Better not just to start music theory alone. Because the notes mean nothing without a sound. Let her love music first. Let her feel how her fingers can make beautiful sounds.
" Bore is a punishment to children."
I heard a man's conversation in a restaurant yesterday. I think it's wise.
Iza had started piano and music theory at the same time when she was 4. She then started violin a year later, and, flute at 6. She loves all kinds of instruments ... and the sounds they produce.
I once wished there's someone, ONE PERSON, who can teach her all three instruments and many others at the same time, let her submerses deeply into the MUSIC itself, not instruments ... that will be perfect. I'm not looking for professionalism in any one single instrument but a coherent learning of music.
But, it's a dream.
Lately, she quitted piano ... for the reason that the primary school life is totally out of our imagination ... leaving no time for practices of 3 independent instruments and fulfilling tasks for 3 individual tutors.
Enjoy is the clue.
Oh! stamps... yes, she still collects stamps :)
Thanks for your kindness!

Yoli said...

Oh what a beautiful picture! It grabbed my heart.