i love to observe silently when iza is very focused ...
throughout the years, i find her scraping together in her mind her own jigsaw puzzle of the world ... tracing and fitting together ties between geography, ecology, history (especially chinese history) and people ... i would wait patiently to see her finding the knots in architecture, art, music, film ... in her map, one day.
i need the patience,
i need the strong will
to keep silent.
iza, you take the lead, i will follow.

A glowing globe ... sea animals reveal when the light is on ...

her little collection on atlas of the world

The label under "The gentleness of being a mother" will be a series of sharing on raising of my child. I'm a bit nervous when i was asked by a tender mama on sharing this ... in reality, i always feel weak and lost, and still searching on how to be a mother, a companion of my child ...
As reading a beautiful post by Kenza, i'm enchanted by her conviction on sharing between such beautiful ties knotted across the world. A little sharing is tying a tiny knot in spreading the gentleness of being a mother ... Thanks to Kenza for sharing this wonderful art of "Messenger with a Letter". Thanks to Ayshik mama.
This first post is about my reflection on the role as mama ....


kenza said...

I am really moved... You are such a wonderful person and mother. I am touched to be part of this.
Your tenderness and love can be perceived through each post and photo of sweet Iza, How wonderful!
I very much look forward to reading other posts of this series. Thank you!

Evelyne said...

C'est ce que j'ai aimé la première fois que j'ai lu ton blog, il y a plus d'un an.
C'est ce questionnement que tu avais sur ton rôle de mère et ton observation très fine d'Iza.
J'ai eu envie de te connaître et de partager quelques mots avec toi.
Je t'embrasse.

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

I love globes. Q has one that has constellations that emerge when the room gets dark.

just me said...

This is very touching. You are not afraid to let go and let Iza take the lead. We adults are always so busy that we often feel a need to dictate what things to do and when to do them. We are always tempted to jump in and guide/"rescue" our children when we should let them discover things on their own. I am learning, and you inspire me. Thank you.

kenza said...

Hello again! a little something for Iza's jigsaw puzzle of the world on the blog.
Much love to all.

Fei An said...

Dear Alliot, just a few quick words. Thanks for you message, I am better now, no headach and bad throat anymore, only bit problem left to my running nose:)

A bit busy this week, the children will start the summoer holding soon, so a lot activities before the ending of this semster and plus parent meeting today. Atle aslo starts his summer repairing project to the house. Anja has her girlfriend come to our place and play together almost all the time, so at least 3 children around the whole weekend.

I love this post the the coming series, will say more later. Seriously admire your attention to Iza, and sometime, I wish I could be your daughter for next life of mine:)

Have a great week!!!

ayshik мама said...

thanks a lot for sharing your wonderful experience, Alliot! there will be lots of lessons and ideas for me i am sure.
Love these globes, and all the little original things surrounding Iza, this has a great impact as well i think, and of course your way of being mama.
looking forward for next posts..

Yoli said...

I look forward to reading more dear Alliot. Love globes and maps, we have a passion for geography which our children share.

agne sile said...

Sorry, we did you buy this globe with animals ? Thanks !!