Yoli said...

Your images are poetry.

itsoh said...

i ♡ it!

kenza said...


Yanyan said...

Yoli is right, they are so poetic

Fei An said...

haha , what a wonder!!! Ice bunny in Hongkong in June:) Iza must be very surprised.

Anja said that she would like to see Iza plays violin, and I said to her that Iza's mom maybe can post a short vidio of Iza playing violin later on:)

Anette said that baby Iza looks exactly the same as baby Anette, because both of them have lots of hair!:p

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

You always find the most wonderful spaces, and I love the way you use materials visually.

Line+Liv said...

... fell spell ! I love the place, the atmosphere, your girl and the lovely shoes ( want them too)

Karumen said...

really luv this series of photos, and the action in iza!
and of cuz, the foam bunny too ^^

Marine Gobled said...

always nice photos, the ground it's a good choice.

alliot / iza said...

Dear Fei An,
Iza has promised to play the violin :)
In my heart, i guess she will choose the piece she has just learned 2 weeks ago. To me, iza does not like playing safe. She love challenges. She definitely will pick the most difficult piece even she cannot quite master it yet.
she tells me that she will WRITE a piece of music ... and she needs sometime to write and practice!!!!
I have UNDERESTIMATED her!!!!!!!
Let's wait for her very first piece :)
Oh! i'm quite embarrass to say i don't know she can write music and maybe she doesn't know either :)