iza's doodle art during an Analects of Confucius 論語 lesson.

"Sometimes, you feel happy when you are unhappy."
Iza said. On a day of this September.

It's an extremely difficult concept for me. I think it will take my whole life to learn this.


Yoli said...

Dear Iza, sending our love to you and your dear Mommy. Hurts my heart to think of both of you unhappy. I hope happiness visits your heart soon.

Yanyan said...

唔開心都開心, so well said, so zen, dear Iza.I wish I could learn that too. I am always so happy to see your new post, miss you loads. Yanyan

alliot / iza said...

Dear Yoli,
Sorry to make you worry. What really amazed me in this period of time is that iza is actually very good at finding joy in the tough times :)

Dear Yanyan,
Yes, very zen.
Honestly, I have quite the opposite personality ... 開心都唔開心 ... I start worrying when I feel too happy and things go too smooth.
Learning to be 唔開心都開心 is a great homework for me!

alterdom said...

I love this pretty
small "hand of Fatima"

winterludes said...

oh iza, you are wonderfull.
the difference between to feel and to be, is so true, so real. i hope you'll never forget it.

kenza said...

Happy to see a post of yours and Iza. a very profound little lady you have here... Many kisses to all of you!

Evelyne said...

Elle a raison, c'est ce que j'éprouve par moment.
C'est une certaine idée de la mélancolie.

soft construction said...

little sage iza ☺

Justine said...

Her words are so true. Children are amazing, they can play, find joy, as you say, even if life is hard. I'm really happy to see you're posting again and to see Iza wearing the coat and the skirt!

**EYE-SNACKS** said...

Oh...so beautiful!