Simply thank you all.
Jeanne ming is right, this journal recorded the days of light.
Like Agnes said, iza will taste these precious moments like honey in the years to come.


A treasure found on the blog of iza's teacher.


After the last post, my computer crashed (again).
All pictures between September to November 2010 vanished.
Those three pictures were the only ones left.
Now they are my jewels.


The Wanderers' Daughter said...

We have missed you a great deal. Love to see Iza's gorgeous art again - she is such a gifted artist. Hugs to you all. OX Maia & Qiu

Yanyan said...

Like Maia said, really missed you and Iza. Much love to you both. And wonderful to see Iza's new artwork!

Yoli said...

I got such joy out of seeing this post. Like Maia said, you are greatly missed. Sending Iza our love and plenty of hugs.

yaminoute said...

jolie peinture...joli vert..si doux..

kenza said...

Oh how I have missed you and Iza! Thanks for being with us.
Sorry about the computer but you have her smile and her art work! Stunning!
Big kisses to all.

Heidi said...

What a wonderful Christmas present from Iza and Allot!!!! I love to you see again.

Justine said...

Her painting is so beautiful! You can still find your pictures even if your computer crashed. You should ask someone about it. It already happened to me and I got my pictures back. Just do not save anything new on this disk.

AyshikМама said...

oh such beautiful colors! my favorites.. well done Iza!

Evelyne said...

Iza est une jeune artiste très sensible à la couleur.
Quel bonheur de vous retrouver !

Jeanne-ming said...

Happy Days!!!!!
I have missed Iza and her wonderful Mother so much!