Originally, I planned to post the remaining sets of Li Jiang.
Yes, more to go but nearly finish :)
While coming across abundance's poetic post this morning,
I lingered.
These images just flashed in my mind.

Follow her movement and
find her concentration ...
see her music ...
feel her flow ...

Flow is the mental state of operation in which a person in an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus,
full involvement ...

Source : wikipedia


Yanyan said...

'Follow her movement and
find her concentration ...
see her music ...
feel her flow ...'

so well said. Glad to see something so poetic and beautiful before retire to bed, good night Yanyan and have a wonderful day Alliot!

Yoli said...

How beautiful. I know that state well.

Fei An said...

How did you make it "this kind of blur"? Dear Alliot. This is the second time I ask you about this! Actually, it is not that easy for me to get this kind of "Blur". I believe that the kind of "blur" can help my pictures to get some poetic feelings as well:p)

Love you shootings and words as always.

alliot / iza said...

Dear Fei An,
I've been picking up iza after i wrote the comment on my last post and i think i've got enough time to response to your question on the "blur" after the pick up ... we are JUST back home from school however we need to go for ice skating right away.
I will come back to you tonight :)

alliot / iza said...

Dear Fei An,

Please don't take the information so serious since I don't know much about technicals and I am not a professional photographer. More important, i have over exposed the images so details lost. I might not even get a pass in a photography class :)

Back to the using of camera, actually, I always use auto camera mode. I love spontaneity and can't do much calculations. The images were blur because iza moved too fast during the exposures. She is the DASH in the INCREDIBLES. I have difficulty in capturing sharp images of her since she was born (even she was still a baby lying on her crib). My younger brother can always take wonderful sharp images of her 5M baby girl but hardly could I. But iza becomes more corporative when she grew older.

Fei An, you may try long exposure with a slow shutter speed if you are using manual camera mode for capturing stationary elements together with moving elements. The blur effect is easiest to accomplish in low-light conditions, such as at night, dim interior, cloudy days ... I know it can be achieved even under bright light using filters ... but i don't have concepts with filters. I never use filters before.

For these two pictures, I kept my camera stationary so the background is sharp. And, i have used the aperture priority mode. The exposure compensation value was pushed to over +1 to achieve over exposure. White balance was manually set.

Slower shutter speeds (exposing the medium for a longer period of time), and greater lens apertures (admitting more light), and higher-luminance scenes produce greater exposures.

But you may just find the easiest way to get a blur image by asking Anja or Anette to swift :)

Fei An said...

Thank you so much, dear Alliot.
I did get some blur pictures sometimes but not that kind of blur you got. I have saved all these tips of treasure from you:) and will keep on trying. By the way, I have learned a lot from you, not only photographing. You deserve "a huge thank you!" from me:)
You pictures is another language of your, which is so poetic for most of the time. That is the thing which I admire most.
Thanks, dear Alliot.

sonoko said...

I think the air must have loveed her.It seems that The air nestles up to her.
I go there,and I want to see her,listen to her music,feel a dreamy atmosphere...