Time had come to a halt.
Everything was still.
So tranquil.
Underneath the crystal clear stream was carpeted with a piece of emerald green.
The water,
Tinted by the bright blue sky
Mirroring the golden branches and leaves ...
Sublime colors of Li Jiang.
Winter and summer.



Fei An said...

Lijiang is just so beautiful and peaceful under your lens.
Make me wanna go there and take some pictures with Anja and Anette:)

kenza said...

I just love this series of photos. Beautiful place. The light is so special and you capture it marvelously!

Yoli said...

Breath taking images. Makes me want to be right now.

Evelyne said...

Une belle lumière d'hiver, un ciel pur, cela pourrait-être à une autre époque !

AyshikМама said...

i wish i could escape somewhere like Li Jiang, say for a week.. :) beatiful place