Lashi Lake in summer here.


Thilda said...

athmosphere and some colours, Feels lovely.

Justine said...

So glad to see you posting so often!! The photos are beautiful and Iza is growing so fast. I remember when I started reading your blog, she was so small and cute and now she's just gorgeous!

Yoli said...

I am blown away again! The beautiful new headder and the images--stunning!

Fei An said...

Wow, speechless beautiful!I always love 逆光。Very surreal...
Like the new header:) Alliot begins to use or like pink;)

Fei An said...

樂水 很喜欢这两个字。繁体的中文感觉很不同。

alliot + iza said...

Yes, children grow so fast ... too fast!
I miss her cute face!
Coincidently, iza told me yesterday ... she also felt that time escaped in an unexpected speed ... it's already the 2nd term ... she is 7 and approaching to 8.
Since i have been far lagged behind with organizing and posting of pictures, i wish to clear them up. No more dragging i said to myself :)

alliot + iza said...

Fei An,
I just want to shock myself with the pink :)
Have a little change and get ready for the spring.
我喜歡繁體的美學與傳統意義, 但愛簡體爽,方便書寫。
日常生活中我們會混合使用得繁簡體 ... 於考試時,孩子們卻不能使用簡體。