BEIJING 2010.12

中國航天博物館 China Space Museum

A space suit.

A sincerely designed program.

Build your own model rocket.

Setting the model rocket into the air.



Yoli said...

This is magical! I love seeing her in that space suit!!! Sally wants to build rockets, she is going to get such a kick out of these photos.

http://jaimegermaine.canalblog.com/ said...

I'm discovering all the Beijing posts at a time, Waow, what a trip !!!
And the photos are always wonderful !
Enjoy !

Fei An said...

Dear Alliot,

I will post a little video of Anja playing viola before I leave for Beijing.

The swimming is a school club thing. Anette is jealous of course. I told her that we will go swimming a lot in Beijing:) I can swim myself:) and I did some snorkeling when we were holiday in Malaysia. That was already fantastic! Think about real deep sea diving...So, I understand your dream to Iza. And I am sure the dream will come true to Iza.

Fei An said...

Science + Art....= a truly wonderful world, isn't it?
I will bring the girls to some "old museum" in Beijing this time. Must be really special:)

alliot + iza said...

Sweet Fei An and Anja, THANKS!!!

Amélie said...

Love Iza in the space suit. Love her launching the rocket in the air. When Elsa was 3 years old, she was very adventurous, and wanted to become a spacewoman to travel to Mars...