BEIJING 2010.13

Here comes to the end of the series. Visually, this set may not be the most appealing. But this place was peculiar to me.

北京自然博物館 Beijing Natural history Museum

I always love natural history museum. The vitality of our Earth, the diversity of life forms, the wonder of creation and the mysterious evolution of life ... Amazed me. I'm obsessed with the beauty of skeletons, the structures that give shapes to different vertebrates. They are the most sophisticated sculptures.

But, visiting museums in China is quite a different experience to me. I am always distracted by the architecture of the museums, ESPECIALLY those in Communist Architectures. The scale and volume of space, the lighting, the colors, patterns and materials, even to the smallest details like conduits layout, locations of switches, window opening devices, the old heating systems ... sidetracked me. I love these details. Even every piece of "softwares", like museum staffs, layouts and presentations of each exhibit, written descriptions and the unique audio "effects" ... tells a story. It's about the history and culture of the country.

This time. My experience stretched. It's the first time I could never forget the smell of a museum. The end wall of the hall displaying dinosaur eggs was toilets. The smell of the toilets filled up the whole space ... How "casually" these precious dinosaur eggs were "strategically" located and how "casually" were the toilets (or museum) maintained. The "toilet culture" constituted and extended the unique experience of this exhibition. I never doubt our mother country has a rich collection on dinosaurs and fossils, but, the whole "package" aroused my curiosity on what're displaying in front of me ... Once, this started. It could hardly end. Then, you would suddenly find wings of some butterflies smooth like a piece of photocopy ... and more digging and gigging ... Maybe, they are genuine. But, I was bewildered.

Dinosaur eggs

首都博物館 Capital Museum



Yoli said...

This is so beautiful. I can see how much it touches you.

Yanyan said...

it is interesting, we both had a post of dinosaur today! Although they are quite different :) You are such an inspiration when you talked about those architectural details in the museums. I would love to join a museum trip with you and Iza, to discover the things I wouldn't experience myself. As for the smell, I bet that is rather unforgettable!

Amélie said...

Your Beijing museum serie is great ! I'm fascinated by your look on architecture. Agree with Yanyan, I'd love to visit museum with you. A unique and precious experience...

Fei An said...

I love the way you shoot architecture...

It is such a pity that the Chinese are so bad at doing a lot of things. It is not a pity, it is a shame. 我在这边读书的时候带过中国来的旅行团,那些人就知道打牌买名牌。能出来的旅行的中国人抱着向西方学习的那种心态的太少了。钱是有了,可是有些东西他们一辈子都不会拥有,而且你看中国的现在的这个样子。很悲观。

the _ house said...

awesome : )
please come to my blog : )
thanks <3