BEIJING 2010.9

宋莊藝術村 Songzhuang Art Village



Yoli said...


Fei An said...

Dear Alliot, 我想,这就是所谓的"熏陶"了吧。所以说臻能画出那么好的画来一点儿也不奇怪。因为她有你们这样的父母。很羡慕。我自己小时候就没有受过"熏陶"。现在能给安雅她们的"熏陶"也有限。我尽力吧:)。你小时候在什么样的环境中长大的,如果可以问的话。;)

**EYE-SNACKS** said...

I couldn't make it when i was in Beijng to see this so..thanx for showing.
I missed something :)

gana said...

wonderful univers! ^_^

Amélie said...

There seem to be very curious and fascinating places in Beijing, places I could not have imagine when I last visited the city 20 years ago.
Your photos of Iza wandering in these surreal decors are enthralling.

alliot + iza said...

Dear Fei An,

小時候, 我也沒有受過任何"熏陶", 且還壓制。因為我的父母相信藝術家不能養活自己。

As a child, I had not received any "nourishment", and was suppressed. Because my parents believed that artists can not feed themselves. I hated myself for being so desperate to draw and so attached to art. I felt guilty. I felt stupid.
I'm a bit sad about this ... I wish I could be more confident on what I'm doing ... but I'm not. Therefore, every word you all written here is a kind of assurance to me.

沒有"熏陶"也成長, 只是不要壓制。

Fei An said...

Dear Alliot,

You are so lucky that "you were so desperate to draw and so attached to art". And you have succeeded of becoming your true self, the most excellent self----a talented and outstanding artist/designer. When I was young, I don't know the word of "Art" or 美学, 审美。 Had never exposed to this miracle world. 我的脑子里被灌输的都是所谓的"世俗的成功"那一套东西:( Anja and Anette are lucky because, at least, I will definitely show them and bring them to world of art. I am also happy that I finally found myself a "world" which I am happy to live in. Even though it might sound bit too late, it is better that "never happens":)