A FINE TIE. Interlacing into a knot. Binding us together.


I'm thrilled and grateful! Thanks sweet Isa for granting us the Gorgeous Blogger Award. This is a kind recognition. For those who would love to be fueled with surprises, armed with fun and infected by her wittiness, please do peep into schlitzohren. ( please do click into the links )

5 questions come with the award:

When did you start blogging?
I started blogging in September 2007. At a time I became aware of the fact that iza had rarely seen her baby self in pictures. Her mom was keen on taking pictures but too lazy at printing them.

What do you write about in your blog? (what's your blog about?)
A photo journal.
A documentation of iza's growing path.
A record of parenthood.

What makes your blog special?
I think our blog is not particularly special. What made us unique is like everybody else, it's the unique context we live in.
If I need to identify a character of the blog, maybe it's filled with trips (both for business & leisure, and study trips from now on).
It may also be iza's unique experience. In her early days, her parents would bring her along for business travels whenever possible and placed her under the conference table in her baby stroller. When she started walking, she was always strolling in construction sites. In case the site was not suitable for a child to wander, she would be in museums or gardens waiting for papa ziggy.

What made you take up blogging?
My digital archive of pictures boomed. It became too difficult for me, who rarely organized and did printouts, to browse and share pictures among family & friends. A blog, as a visual organizer, helps me to screen and summarize the pictures. The blog makes revisiting precious moments an ease. The blog grows with our family memories.

What would you like to change in your blog (if anything)?
No idea in inducing big changes at the moment. Only wish I could be persistent in keeping the documentary. Dreaming that for a day, iza would take over it and continue THE FINE TIE, knotting US together ...
Maybe some minor attempts.
* Bridging of my double life of being a mother and a designer ...
* Bringing stills into motion ...
* Inviting papa ziggy as a guest author ...


I would present this award to two of my favorite blogs by two graceful Japanese mothers.
Peacefully time : Soak into her peaceful space and be lifted by her delightful girl.
Sara smile : Meet the gentle soul and the soothing smile of little sara.
With warmest thoughts to their beautiful country and the future of our children.



Yanyan said...

Often your blog is the last I read before go to bed and first I read in the morning. The pictures of Iza and grandma are too precious, they look so alike, same beauty and grace. And you so deserve the award, just like schlitzohren, sara smile and peacefully time , cheers to you all.

Yoli said...

The award is so well deserved. You are such an inspiration. As you know Sally adores Iza. She is such an example to her. Thank you for sharing your beautiful daughter and your world with us. Your Mom and Iza are almost mirror images. I can see where you both get your beauty. She is positively regal.

kenza said...

Oh I love this post! These photos are amazing. Yes, same grace as Yanyan said. Your words so gentle and they resonate with me. And the two blogs you have chosen are perfect, so delicate.
Thank you for your dedication to your blog, you deserve the award. Your posts seem to get more beautiful each time...

Fei An said...

Precious post!

鼻子,嘴,眉毛,神情都很像外祖母。觉得还是得到了爸爸家的眼睛。臻的眼睛比外祖母的圆而且大。但是Alliot, 你和妈妈就太像了,那才是mirror images呢.

Oh, yes, The award is so well deserved. And the two blogs you chosen, ... you are such an angel, dear Alliot.

I am looking forward to see this:)
"Bridging of my double life of being a mother and a designer ..."
Wish to know more about you, not only Iza :p) Excuse a very demanding blog friend, who looks upon you as her idol!

Amélie said...

Such a moving and beautiful post. The photos of Iza and your mother are like mirrors of time. Both graceful beauties. I could look at these for ours dreaming about their lives...
Kenza is rignt, more beautiful each time ...
And a so well deserved award. Love your chosen blogs, too! Two of favourites!

Happy Together said...

what make your blog special?

有天, 如果有這一天, 我有個小女兒, 我們也會帶她周遊列國, 把她的生活都一一拍下.

Happy Together said...

忘了說, 喜歡Iza和你媽咪的照片, 她倆很像呀:)

Isa said...

These pictures take my breath away. What a lovely idea! :)

And thanks for your kind words about me, although this was supposed to be about YOU! :)

And I really enjoyed looking through the other two blogs you linked, too. So thanks!

sonoko said...

Dear Alliot
Your mother and Iza are so perfect ladies.They are beautiful,elegant,and my dream ladies.
As everyone said,The award is so well deserved.Congratulation!
And thank you for your warm thought.I will make an effort to be your good friend.

alliot + iza said...

對。帶她周遊列國。 如周游寫的 ...