VENICE 2011.10

The mornings . The light . The water . The birds . The smell . The air . The landscape of roof planes . The walls of history . The windows to the past ...



Everything was surreal to me.



Happy Together said...

The buildings look amazing. I have to go there some day.

Iza was taken pictures. May I see?

Evelyne said...

Le sourire d'Iza restera dans mes pensées ce week-end.
Merci Alliot pour tout.

Kickcan and Conkers said...

It looks amazing.

Amélie said...

Breathtaking views ! I lavoe Iza's bright smile. She's so full of life, energy and joy. She's like a radiant flower. Thanks for all these precious moments your share with us, and for this beautiful record of Venice.

kenza said...


alliot + iza said...

Thanks Gualla. I even forgot to download iza's pictures!
It's funny to see what grasped her attention :)

kitchu said...

so amazing :) thank you for making me feel close to this city that i have never visited!