VENICE 2011.11


I've totally forgotten that Iza had taken some pictures during the trip ... and I downloaded them till Gualla reminded me in a comment of last post ... Thanks Gualla!! It's funny to see what had caught her attention.
She had made a number of frames on birds ...

All images were taken by iza without cropping and editing. It's really amazing to see these contrasts through her eyes. She had picked up something that I didn't realize at all.



Line+Liv said...

... wonderful to see the world through your eyes Iza! A new look of Venice.

Isa said...


kitchu said...

she is a natural photographer, i love her perspective!

Happy Together said...

Parents are a model for their kids,
and you are a good model for Iza. She has a good sense of art.

Iza, I like your pictures! Specially the first one, where there is some building roofs at the bottom of the pic. I don't know how to say, but it looks like a fairy tale. I just like it a lot.
Keep shooting Iza:)

Amélie said...

Oooh Iza, you're a talented photgrapher. I love seing Venice through your eyes. So much sky and yet Venice. Like a Venician legend unknown to most, and unveiled by you.

Yanyan said...

青出于蓝而胜于蓝!I like to see Venice through her eyes. Wonderful Iza.

Yoli said...

Love, love everything!