Collaging. In hotel room.

Don't know the name of this plant but it's everywhere around the south of Bali island. We were so curious on this thing. As told by a hotel staff, when the fruit is still green, it tastes like cucumber, which is soft and spongy. When it turns brown, the spongy interior will dry up and "fiberize" into "cotton" like filaments, which is commonly used for making pillow and mattress. He picked 4 pieces from a tree and sent us as a gift. So kind he was.



Yanyan said...

How interesting! I have never seen this before, first thought it is cotton. Bali is such an amazing place, wish one day we could visit it as well.

kenza said...

and the white orchid what beauty! Just like Iza's smile.

alexandra said...

It's amazing to see nature give us everything we need to eat, and wonder ... and play !

C'est extraordinaire de voir la nature nous donner de quoi manger, s'émerveiller et...s'amuser !
(Je le dis en français car je ne suis pas du tout sûre de ma traduction :o))

Thilda said...

Funny plant. World is full of strange and interesting plants. Photos are very lovely! :D

Yoli said...

I know about this plant but have never seen it in person. Beautiful creations by Iza, she is such an artist.

Amélie said...

What an amazing plant! and amazing creatures created by Iza! Great photos. Love the ones with her hands... and her beautiful smile.
Thank you for the this moment. Each of your post is a haven of beauty.

Evelyne said...

Comme cela devait être agréable à toucher. Un beau sens de la création.

c. said...

Amazing pics!!

Fei An said...

This is amazing! Sometimes, I just feel that our children have actually made us to live a second childhood again. They open the door to a new or "old" world which we almost forget its existence sometimes.

Dear Alliot, 早晨出门前读到你的留言了。我很感谢你的话语和鼓励,也很高兴你喜欢我寄给臻的衣服。每次看到可爱漂亮的臻穿着我做的衣服在你的镜头里走动,就觉着特别开心,幸福,那种很有成就的感觉。这种感觉是在自己的孩子身上找不到的。臻和你对我来说非常special, 你们是我生命中的天使。

今天去看布料了,突然间又有很有自信心了,呵呵。 是因为你的留言,谢谢你,Alliot, 我亲爱的朋友。

Agnes Leung said...

Oh, the texture of the plant is so interesting, and the place is so beautiful!

Anilegra said...

que bonitas imágenes !!!

winterludes said...

oh que j'aime cette interprétation d'une plante.

Jeanne-ming said...

Alliot and Iza,
I love your hotel room project!

I am in Hk this weekend. Thinking of you and sending you warm affection.


The Wanderers' Daughter said...

The creativity of your family is a force of nature unto itself. Beautiful!

Mariní said...

no se q buscas exactamente
no se quién eres
no se inglés
ni otro idioma que el español
pero tus imágenes me intrigan
me motivan
me incentivan


thanks por esto!!!
cada día