Inspired by this. We thought of having fun with things found in our kitchen.
Making a liquid indicator that helps us to figure out which food, drinks or detergents are acids or alkalis.

1...Cut the red cabbage into tiny pieces.
2...Put the pieces into a big glass bowl.
3...Add boiling water and stir the mixture.
4...Leave it to cool.
5...Pour the cabbage water through a strainer into a jar.

The liquid is the indicator.

We started the test with lemonade and baking soda.
Lemonade turned the indicator reddish pink, indicating it's an acid.
Baking soda turned the indicator into a beautiful blue green, indicating it's an alkali.
We tried with things iza shortlisted : Lemon, baking soda, honey, chicken broth, milk, soya source, cod liver oil, vinegar, shampoo, glass cleaner and water ( can be anything provided it's safe ).

Watch the color changes. You will know which is acid or alkali.

We cross referenced with pH indicator papers.

When you mix the liquids with baking soda and lemonade (or vinegar) together, you will see furious bubbles. If we mix the right amount of acid and alkali, they will cancel out each other and make a neutral (salt) again. But we didn't get the right balance :)




Alma said...

Very interesting and so photogenic!

Fei An said...

That is very interesting...and it is so good that you and Ziggy are interested to try out things together with Iza. Atle made a bird nest outside the window of the children's room. He set up web cameras and video recording inside the nest, and did some programming (I did not ask the purpose)such things. The three are so interested to discuss what the bird had been doing the day passed. I wish I am the same interested as they are, but I am not:(
Love Iza's smiling face:)

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Beautiful experiments!

Jeanne-ming said...

A wonderful experiment indeed.....I love that red cabbage color....it is a hue I am always trying to get in my paintings. Love it!

In Hong Kong this weekend.

kenza said...

Oh I love just love this post! The colors, the little scientist, all of it but especially the smile! a thousand kisses to you all.

Yanyan said...

wonderful experiment! So inspiring!

Yoli said...

We love science experiments in this house. This is a favorite post!

Happy Together said...

How cool is that.I like all the colors:)
You both are good mom and dad:)

bicocacolors said...

what a beautiful picture session,
and awesome colors!!

alexandra said...

And she did it with this lovely lovely white dress? ;o))

alexandra said...

And she did it whith this lovely lovely white dress !!! ;o))

Amélie said...

That's fantastic! I've already planned to dye some fabrics for Elsa's clothes with cabbage. But this is so inspiring. We're going to do it as well. I'm sure Elsa will enjoy mixing the colors. Thank you for sharing.