We've been to Chengdu for the weekend. A project inside a complex designed by Steven Holl.



Anonymous said...

love the bear!!

Alma said...

Amazing bear!

Amélie said...

The most charming bear ! and magic photos... the patterns on the wall are like a snowstorm for a winter bear. A magic composition with the white trees.
The project in Chengdu looks really impressive!

Yanyan said...

Love the bear as well! Hope the jacket is keeping the little bear warm! She makes everything so fabulous!! Thank you!

kenza said...

I love the bear as well!
(what an incredible architectural project!)

alliot + iza said...

Dear Yanyan,
The jacket fits so well !
There will be more on the lovely jacket :)

alliot + iza said...

Dear Amelie and Kenza,

Thanks for your kind words. The architecture is designed by Steven Holl. It's really impressive, especially the architectural landscaping within the premises.

Our project is inside one of the building. It's like an art installation project, interweaving space, light, sound, media, moving images and time holistically ... We cannot show image(s) of the project since it should be kept unreleased till the crucial period is over.

Fei An said...

呵呵, 可爱的小熊。
Thanks for sharing the architect, dear Alliot!

You have just kept showing me the whole new world: art, design, education, architect, and ... I will follow you for the rest of my life:)

Yoli said...

Congratulations on the project and what is dear Iza wearing? She looks stunning!

alliot + iza said...

Dear Yoli,
Iza was wearing dress from VDJ, coat from SUVI AINOA and the hat from I Dream Elephants.