CHENGDU 成都音樂公園

The Chengdu music park, is used to be the site of Chengdu Red Ray Electric Tube Factory.
Now it's converted to a themed venue for music consumption ... performances, exhibitions, shops and cafes ...

The Sunday morning was quiet. I think the mood will be totally different when music fills the space.

Impressive factory architectures from 1950s to 1990s.

"Reflective" graffiti and slogans on walls. Fluttering emotions ...

Iza was wearing :

Dress....... : VDJ
Coat........: SUVI AINOA



kenza said...

Oh my the little bear has been busy! and her smile is priceless!
Love the shots, the colors, the mood... Thank you!

alexandra said...

All, Iza, location,clothing, photos, everything is absolutely fabulous!

Fei An said...

What Iza wears of her outfits and the Music Park are so COOL !!!, and they are echoing to each other:).

This music park makes me thinking of a movie of 贾章柯,《二十四城记》。我很喜欢那个电影。普通人的人生,历史的变迁。伤痛和对未来的期待。

You are really good at taking pictures of architectures, dear Alliot! This set of pictures is full of mood to me. Especially the one of the sculpture figure who is conducting if impressive...那个雕塑整体充满了张力。

"... I feel particularly hard that when my belief does not align with most of the people around me". 其实这也是你自己为什么是个出色的人,还有臻也是一个独特和珍贵的小孩子的原因。 说实在的,我有时候很讨厌大多数人追随和认同的东西和价值观。

Wish you thress have a nice concert trip these weekend! I will improve in the coming new year and bring the girls more to events like concert and etc.:)

Fei An said...

Should be: Wish you three have a nice concert trip this weekend.

Thilda said...

So wonderful serie of photos! Have a lovely weekend! :)

Alma said...

Oh this place looks amazing!
And your pictures are great.

Alma said...

OH là là the faux fur is out of stock!!!!

AyshikМама said...

ooh i love her hat! i actually adore all her outfits, nice taste you have!

Amélie said...

This is fabulous. The place is really amazing. I visited Chengdu some times about 20-25 years ago and I was very interested in the link about the Music park.
I always admire your sense of colors and composition. Iza's outfit always match the landscape ! Love the fur coat, the bear hat, and the VDJ dress.
Love her profile under the bear hat, her bright smile. She' so full of live.

Karumen said...

i haven't been to chengdu yet, this looks really cool and definitely worth a visit!

iza has grown up so much too! :D

nath said...

it's certainly very photogenic place!!

Yoli said...

The stetting the photography, the clothes, the beautiful girl. Gorgeous!

alliot + iza said...

Dear Fei An,
Thanks for mentioning《二十四城记》. I haven't seen the film before but I searched the trailer right away. It's impressive. The location of the film & the music park did share a lot of similarities ... When in the music park, one could sense the history and the lives once been there ... You know ... ziggy just tell me that the DVD of the film just lying on the shelf for some time ... we will remove it from the dust :)
The concert was wonderful. Deep & moving. It's conducted by Jaap Van Zweden and amazing solo performance by Simone Lamsma.

Bridget said...

Your colors are fantastic, these incredible red wheels, the strong blue, this place must be wonderful with music, and the little girl so lovely!!