You made a christmas "tree" ... a beautiful shrub indeed ...
Very abstract. Very conceptual.
I admire how your tutor has inspired you.

" Mama, I wish to study in secondary school. I think it's more fun there.
媽媽, 我想讀中學"

You said just after the second class with Tutor Doraemon.

Your Tudor D does have clever tricks to stimulate kids.

" It's better to dig ( explore ) things by ourselves than being told.
I soon forget things people just murmur to my ears.
與其由別人告訴你, 不自己找。說。說。說。轉瞬, 忘了。"
you said in class.
" How you grab my secret ?!!!
你怎麼知道我的秘密 ? "
Tutor D.

This is such a sweet response.
"The little secret" has built a magical bridge, a secure connection, abides you and the Tutor.
You are encouraged, understood and accepted.

It's a bit sad that this beautiful child and teacher relationship does not always happen in regular classroom.
Iza is fortunate in coming into encounter with Tutor D, whom is actually the parent of a P6 student in our school.
A very devoted parent and a knowledgable person.

Thanks for the beautiful twinkling lights, Tutor Doraemon !

Images of iza were taken in Chengdu.
She's in the beautiful craft by Fei An.


alexandra said...

Wonderful post. I love the text and the message. And, as always, beautiful Iza in the dress of Fei-Ann.
You're the queen of color combinations Alliot!

Fei An said...

Thank you, dear Alliot! The pictures are so stunning! Look at the pictures of mine, just so plain and ordinary:( N ;) I am absolutely inspired. Will dig and try more with the photography.

Iza is so beautiful in the green dress, and she is so beautiful in every piece of all her clothing, honestly. She is such a Jewel. Especially with her precious little mind experiencing the amazing "secrets" in this planet.

Yes, I understand what you say she has Tutor D, a very devoted parent and a knowledgable person. Ilove the " Christmas tree" Iza made...a piece of art work, indeed. Have a great week!

Alma said...

Your post are always a pleasure to discover.

Fei An said...

Maybe you are interested to see this:


Evelyne said...

Tes billets sont toujours très artistiques !

Amélie said...

What an awesome post. Each of your post is a new marvel of colours and compositions. You and Iza are incredibly talented. Love her abstract Christmas tree!
Your photos of Iza in Fei An's dress are stunning, great along with this bright orange. You bring precious moments of beauty in our lifes, dear Alliot.

alliot + iza said...

Thanks for the links of Zumthor, dear Fei An. His works are filled with serenity. I'm always overwhelmed by the calmness and spiritual quality of his space.
Thanks so much for sharing :)

kenza said...

What a beautiful post! So full of joy, hope, light, knowledge and sweet sweet Iza.
The dress by Fei An fits her so well!

Yoli said...

I am so glad you found this tutor for Iza. With the right person and encouragement children soar. She looks stunning in Fei An's dress. I love how you combined the green of the dress with the orange tights. Her hair is breath taking Alliot!!! That is how long Sally wants to grow it. She is always so inspired by Iza.

I like her abstract tree very much!

Yanyan said...

what a special post. I feel so fortunate to discovered your blog a few years ago, time goes so fast, Iza has grown so fast but more magical every day. Much love.

Ingi said...

Beautiful post! LOVED your pics. And love that your girl and your tutor inspire each other so!

justeleneand said...

I love your perception of colours

sonoko said...

I am sure who can take these wonderful photos is only you.
Vivid orange color cheers me up.
I am surprised to see a word"doraemon" in your blog.Sara loves to watch "doraemon" in tv.
I always admire iza's intellectual beauty.