Here's the LAST section of the Beijing trip in Summer...
the Kid's Republic in Beijing.

There are many nicely illustrated books in China.

These days, I rush and dash.
I wish I could sit down and response to my dear friends who left comments on my former posts ...
When i'm thinking on Yoli's question,
"Do you think she will be a scientist or an artist? Or both?"
all those nice people who have been guiding iza through her growing path appear in my mind, one by one ...
For those who have been with iza for more than 2-3 years may well understand her "drama" through the years ...
memories flash back ...
some moments still strike me ...

When she made these statements when she was 3-4,
The slower it goes, the faster it becomes."
I think she will be a scientist.

When she asked me,
I believe she will be a good thinker.

When we discovered her acute sense on colors,
we know this might be an advantage to her if she wants to be an artist or designer.

With all difficulties on her start of learning music,
we would not imagine that she could astonish her flute teacher by pointing out his mistakes with her highly sensitive aural ability.
This might explain why she refused to play certain music by just looking at the notes (without playing), she simply said that it would not sound good.
Apart from piano, violin and flute, she wants to learn cello, harp, oboe, trumpet ...
I wonder she could be a conductor.

Maybe, it is the fun as being a mother. Always, like a detective, tracing for hints and clues, resolving "riddles", desperate to know not what's happened, but what will happen ...


Yoli said...

This grouping is delightful and the serene expression on her face on the first shot is just beautiful. I will make sure to pick up more books when I am in Beijing.

feian said...

I wish Iza would be an artist or designer in the future:) nice to be a musician or composer as well. Would not like to imagine scientist Iza dressing so beautifully works in a lab, like my husband...ha ha. However, Iza can be a scientist working not in a lab. Anyhow, Iza will be a great person when she grows up, I am so sure:) What a great mom she has!

Anja has decided that she will be either a pop star or a rock star to my disappointment:( I wish her would be an architect. She said it is not fun... We will see:)

It is amazing that they have so many bilingual children book with so nice illustration in Beijing.....so good! I will buy a lot from that bookstore next time I go back. Alliot, I also think next time I will ask for tips for where I should go in Beijing first before we leave:) Thanks for the information.

Evelyne said...

I like children books too...when I was in Korea with Tatiana and Aliénor we bougth many beautiful korean books...I m happy to discover chinese children books.I collect cards with chilren reading books...thank you Alliot for the Iza picture.

feian said...


Jeanne-ming said...

she is brilliant, talented and beautiful. Oh my......what a treasure you have been entrusted with.

The most wonderful thing?! A mother who recognizes these gifts!!!!!

ZEJ said...

Ooh! I like very much those pictures! What are these books? :)

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Those illustrations are WONDERFUL! And I love the little curl on top of her head in the first picture ;)